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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 10/8/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:59 Correspondence; New DRA data mosaic program training; an attempt at using town administrative assistants to data input; equalization data; _ 04:27 Mortgage notice of sale; 204 Wentworth Rd. (Auction); request for $4,000 in funding for Tri County Community Action; application received for janitorial services;

06:04 Approval of previous meeting minutes;

07:25 Discussion- regarding structural repairs to Churchill School a House; Foundation block conditions; sealing blocks; floor plans; bids to engineer job; Geary Ciccarone has offered to provide a set of drawings and specifications to go out for bids; ($3,000); sagging roof trusses; discussion of heating system, cost of altering plans, reasons and advantages of a design plan; foundation condition; bonding of foundation blocks; excavating crawl space; motion made by Brian Robisheau to accept Geary Ciccarone's complete set if plans for $3,000- seconded by Richard Zacher; Bill Nelson recused himself due to the fact that Ciccarone has done work for him;

41:21 Treasures report; bills; Primex; workman's comp. insurance; letter of exemptions; savings potential; Income and expenses report; fuel oil; credit application; pre buying fuel; letter from proper liability trust; ordering four drawer filing cabinet; fair point lawsuit fee (telephone poles)

50:13 Tax collector- delay in setting tax rate; DRA; invoice books- transfer of money;

53:02 Administrative assistant; home equalization rates; 100.5; proposed 104.3; change in markets; County tax rate; assessed values; tax bills;

55:10 Ed Comeau, Strafford Regional Planning Commission representative- town/ City membership dues report;

58:17 Dick Peckham reports on Conservation Commission; November public meeting being held in Middleton Town Hall regarding conservation efforts; November 7th; Heritage Commission report; veterans pot luck Saturday November 9th, 7:30pm; sending invitations to town veterans; joint loss management;

1:01:20 Maintenance shed lighting; maintenance roof replacement; quotes Harvey Industries standing seam- $5,000 to $7,000 does not replacing rotten wood; Total Concept Builder $6,700- $7,500 not including repair of rotten wood; PV Brook $3,652, screw down, includes rotten wood and strapping, $200 for felt; discussion of color; gage; 26 gauge; repairing faca boards with white pine; covered; Motion to go with PV Brook after investigation into type of Warrantee;

1:08:20 Energy audit report previously done through the SRPC energy audit program; more comprehensive service report; life safety codes; discussion- standards for rehabilitating a building on the list of National Historic Places; Bondo material to repair plaster; Maggie Steer; NH Preservation Alliance; available grant funding; Meredith Village Savings Bank grant for Handicapped Bathroom for the Churchill School House; getting quotes for painting town buildings; salt shed painting; CiP painting fund; CiP inventory; internet access for town boards;

1:20:07 Discussion- schedules for tax bills; due dates; November 15th; DRA rate setting; school tax rate; County rate; total town budget numbers; income expenditures; uncollected taxes; outstanding $169,000 taxes; over assessment on current use change; timber tax check;

1:28:41 Road Agent, Ed Nason, Contract agreement; Brice Drive Well easement letter to land owner who's well is on town property; discussion- Brice drive residents;

1:37:24 Discussion- budget process; elections; school board; state primary; budget meeting schedule; board budgets; Warrant article for Home Schooling Scholarship fund; veterans tax rebates;