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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 11/2/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 9:00 am.

01:04 Geary Ciccarone, describes and explains the floor plans for the Churchill School House rehabilitation project. Ciccarone has provided the design plans and discusses the following; floor system; foundation; electrical wiring; light switch locations; handicap restroom; utility room; heating systems; insulation; location of heating systems; heating systems without ductwork; heating unit capacity, sizing; fuel type- propane; handicap ramp location; ramp code requirements; ramp design; ramp length requirements;

10:52 Roof truss system; description of present condition of ceiling; description of present condition of roof system; Homasote (Homasote is a cellulose based fiber board); HOWE truss system; description- process of correcting sagging roof rafters; Samon Falls report;

16:55 ADA compliant shower; location of waste pipes; sheet rocking; location of pipes; piping diagram; locating water pipes to prevent freezing; using PEX instead of copper; hot water heater unit; expansion tank; venting Rinnai on demand hot water heaters;

27:00 Geary Ciccarone, Selectmen Brian Robisheau, Bill Nelson and Richard Zacher, Jessica Robisheau, recording Secretary, Ron Fountain, and Ed Comeau of tour the Churchill School House; discussion- condition of ceiling, roof trusses and other repairs that are needed.

27:53 Interior of Churchill School House.

33:40 View of condition and layout of existing roof trusses as seen above the Homasote Ceiling.

42:13 Selectmen tour the town utility barn; tree has fallen against building;

42:54 Discussion- taxes; scheduling conference call with DRA; preliminary tax rates; school tax rate; uncollected, unpaid tax amount- 186,000; veteran tax credits; education grant amounts; trust funds; establishing the tax rate;

57:11 Discussion- Brice Drive road layout; creating a visual graphic to display the layout of Brice Dr as it is currently and the official record; importance of creating an accurate representation;