Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 11/5/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 7:00 pm. This meeting was convened to review the Brookfield Town Budget.

In attendance: Selectmen Brian Robisheau, Bill Nelson, Richard Zacher, Treasurer, Marilou Maclean, Recording Secretary, Jessica Robisheau, Geary Ciccarone, Planning Board Chair, Rose Zacher and Ed Comeau,

02:33 Churchill School House; process of getting building ready for repair; plumbing bids; advantage gained by having two furnaces; floor repairs; handicap rest room and shower; discussion- water supply line location; RFP's for furnace installation; proposing a larger propane line; selling oil tank that services Old Townhouse and Schoolhouse; (Brookfield owns the tank)

24:10 Line by line review of the proposed budget.