Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 11/13/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:28 Moment of silence for Mac McGinley and NH Executive Councilor Ray Burton;

01:40 Ernie Brown reports on Rails to Trails;

06:00 Correspondence and mail; invoice regarding Fairpoint lawsuit; discussion of the legal process;

09:011 Review of previous meeting minutes; Oct, 22th, Nov, 7th; Nov, 5th; motion to accept; 2nd; passes unanimously; adding voice mail service; tax rate conversation with DRA;

13:36 Treasurers report; account totals; shortage of approx. $72,000; block grant funding; oil pre buy

20:22 Tax collections; warrant creation; due dates;

22:54 Administrative assistant; conference;

23:27 Geary Ciccarone, Planning chair; SRPC, NRPC letters regarding regional planning; planning board budget; planning administrative assistant salary;

36:27 Removal of tree from utility building; Churchill School house project update; Brice Drive update; overlay by Land Tech;

39:00 Marilou MaClean reports on the Veterans Pot Luck Dinner;

39:42 Town Cemetary; rules for town Cemetary; equalization ratio; town reports for annual report book;

46:22 War Memorial monument proposal; town voicemail message;