Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 11/26/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:50 Mail and Correspondence; Letter of thanks from Loraine and Rick Sweet regarding new paving; Application for voluntary parcel merger; Marylyn Bushman resigns as Cemetary Trustee; Bids received for work on the Churchill School House; Emergency Communication Conference call information; Edmunds Brothers invoice; absentee ballots for Ray Burton's Executive Councilor position; review of bills; Cemetary Trustee expenditures; removal of tree from utility building; County Tax bill of $102,000; file cabinet; utility building roof invoice; Avatar invoice;

18:35 Avatar letter; proposed DRA 600 rules changes; SAP rules; reevaluations; DR600; re-evaluation manual completion;

24:32 Status on Woodman hill building lot; class 6 Rd; assessment for value of property; dates for Town Warrants;

26:00 Approval of previous meeting minutes.

28:30 Tax collectors report; deeded properties; payment in lieu of taxes;

32:39 Planning Board report; Recreation zone subdivision;

35:19 Old Business- Draining water pipes and preparation of Town House and Churchill School House; Fair-point legal issue; pole licenses; Cemetary Care trust funds- voluntary donations; Hanson trust; scholarship fund;

43:36 Ed Comeau, Brookfield's representative to the Strafford Regional Planning Commission; reports on an upcoming outreach event on December 7th at 12:00 noon;

45:38 Selectmen Robisheau, Nelson and Zacher- deliberate on accepting an RFP to begin work on the School House Project: bidding proposals from Ed Nason, Road Agent and Geary Ciccarone, Planning Board Chair.

1:02:27 Motion to accept Geary Ciccarone's bid of- $17,400

1:09:53 Servicing of generator; generator not functioning properly;

1:27:48 Discussion of Brice Drive road work; corner cut; radius turns; calculating costs; survey's;

1:30:04 Selectmen go into non public per 91a 3, para 2 c and d Regarding taxes.

1:30:06 Selectmen ask for clarification from Ed Nason, Road Agent. Ed Nason makes statement regarding The Road Committee and proposed paving; public input on paving; Brice Dr; Lyford Rd. Discussion regarding Churchill School House project; establishing next budget review meeting;