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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 11/30/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 9:00 am. This meeting focuses on the Churchill School House project.

00:01 Additional hours being added to cover assistant Town Clerk for upcoming coverage; the need to appoint a new Cemetary Trustee until elections, due to the resignation of Marilyn Bushman, cemetery trustee chair; contractors evaluating the Churchill School House to get accurate scope of project; removing liquids from Town House and Churchill School House to prevent them from freezing; oil tank location during crawlspace dig out;

05:00 Discussion- goal of preventing future water damage due to pipes freezing; location of bathroom; designing water system to easily drain; location of heating systems; location of Handicapped restroom;

10:00 Cost of installing bath at front of Town House and location of supply and gray water piping; draining; pipe access; existing kitchen water supply lines; energy costs;

15:00 Discussion- use of old Town Clerks office; designing system to drain if not in use; design of insulation of school house; maintaining one lavatory and another lavatory with shower; emergency shelter use; plumbing diagram showing supply line run length; method of purging pipes;

20:00 Purging pipes; using compressed air to purge pipes; location of furnace in Town House; size of unit; venting; plastic B-Vent; pipe draining; pipe access from above; location and ascetics of furnace venting;

25:00 Location and ascetics of furnace venting; existing Homasote walls; discussion of black boards; flattening existing black boards; not using Town House chimney to vent furnace combustion gases; integrity of Town House chimney; meeting moves to Town House and Churchill School House; GOPRO CAMERA

30:00 Tour of Town House and Churchill School House; locations of ductwork supplies; Cold air returns; discussion of location of old wood stove located in middle of school house; placing furnace in a central location;

35:00 Discussion- insulating with spray foam; pourable non expanding foam insulation; removing copper and replacing with PEX; creating baseboard as cover; discussion- furnace comparisons; efficiency;

40:00 Bumps or imperfections in school house floor; flooring is running in the same direction as the joists; subfloor; screwing down floor; possible replacement of floor;

45:00 Discussion- school house floor; correcting floor slope; Jacking up floor joists;

50:00 Town House Kitchen; tour of room adjacent to the Town House Kitchen; discussion of Safe removal;

55:00 Town House, school house tour continues;

58:30 Meeting moves back into Town Offices; arrangements to drain Town House, School House water system;

1:00:00 Discussion- framing; type of heating; electrical work; going out to bid for HVAC installment; phases of work; construction schedule;

1:05:10 Choosing plumbers; bidding process; carpentry bids; electrical contractor bids; deadlines for bids; evaluating proposals; importance of repairing the foundation at an acceptable temperature;

1:10:00 What to do with the dirt removed from the crawlspace; Selectmen sign addendum to the original proposal- increase of $200; extra floor joists; motion and vote; passes unanimously; Geary Ciccarone request initial payment to begin work on the school house;

1:15:00 Account the initial payment will be pulled from; oil tank and oil; pumping out oil; Town owned oil tank will be put on Craig's list; clarification of the disposition of heating fuel in the oil tank; value of the oil is $600; oil suppler charges $600 to pump out the tank; it was decided to allow Ed Nason to pump oil out as he would not charge the town to do so; Gafney Library fees; Non Resident fees;

1:20:00 Fee for using Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation; participation; national census numbers being used to calculate fees; winter sports; possible use of school age population; family passes; summer camp rate;

1:25:00 Discussion- Warrant versus adding directly to budget;