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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 1/28/14. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

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00:01 Correspondence; Brice Drive Attorney letter; Stan Hawthorne; Phil Emilio; State Driveway permit; Governors Road; invoices; Porter Business Machines; news letter; Dell Invoices;

05:00 Signing up to run for office; invoices: server; 4 PC’s; firewall; extra flat panel displays; Meredith Savings account total; interest income; minutes 1/14/14 1/20/14; Motion; 2nd; unanimous; Peter Holland; 273 Wentworth Rd;

10:00 Tax collector Diana Peckham; MS 61; Schedule due dates; end of the year report; delinquent notices; monthly payments; Tax status Drew Farm Rd; Bretton Woods; septic system;

15:00 Deeded Drew Farm Rd property; Warrant Article; non payment of taxes; Geary Ciccarone; Planning Board; asset CIP list; inventory; Rose Zacher; computer inventory; Moose Mountain Recreation; application to serve Alcohol outside;

20:00 Moose Mountain Recreation serving alcohol outside; Liquor Commission; Bob Bordeau; Budget hearing; February 11, 2014; Code enforcement; Ed Nason; sand and salt inventory; Road agent report; Brice Drive;

25:00 Gravel; Eaton Rd; paving companies; Richard Zacher; emergency management; invoice; Heritage Commission report; Brian Robisheau; War Memorial; Churchill Schoolhouse windows; books; prepping; Tom Hill; Lance Maclean; Craig Evans; Cemetary Trustee letter; Judy Davis; Motion to Appoint Cemetery Trustee;

30:00 2nd; Unanimous; Drew Farm Cemetary; New Town Cemetary; Attorney letter regarding cemetery plot; Website Statistics report 2013; Rose Zacher;

35:00 Website Statistics report; Ed Comeau; Strafford Regional Planning; HB 1573 FN; ITL; discontinuing regional planning commission; electing planning board members; Geary Ciccarone; Churchill School House report; wainscoting;

40:00 Geary Ciccarone; Churchill School House report; bearing walls; wainscoting; curved wall; fire alarm box; smoke detectors; Bob Sonricker Electrician; essential monitoring; triggered alarm event;

45:00 Reinstallation of Fire Alarm box; smoke heat detectors; importance of fire alarm during construction;

50:00 Old Town House Safe moving; Ed Nason; Geary Ciccarone; floor bracing; past foundation work; process of moving safe; door opening; safe door removal; disposing of safe; selling safe; Heritage Commission involvement; Craig Evans opinion regarding old safe;

55:00 Old Town House safe; scrap value; wainscoting age; wall evaluation regarding wainscoting; benches;

1:00:00 Window ledges; sills; condition; existing stud locations; concrete blocks; sistering of studded walls; carrying beam; spray foam versus fiberglass; cost savings;

1:05:00 R26; window installation technic; OLD BUSINESS; indemnifying employees; RSA 31:105; Motion to indemnify; 2nd; unanimous; code officer listing; all agencies and officers;

1:10:00 Fees for hard copies requested from persons; subdivision regulations; planning board forms; Town Zoning ordinances; site plan regulations; tax bill copies; tax map copies; tax card copies;

1:15:00 NEW BUSINESS microwave replacement; Ed Nason; approval of bills; Schoolhouse old window location; Hasting and Melia attorney letter; notice of wood cut; North Wakefield Rd; Susan Lohse; Blueberry Farm;

1:20:00 Town offices house cleaning invoice; $100 monthly; Planning Board time sheet; George Nick Administrative assistant; Virginia Mcginley deposit; school district invoice; Road Agent Contract; vault combination; Staples bill; invoice discussion with Geary Ciccarone; Universal Building Systems;

1:25:00 Vacancies and Appointments; intent to cut forest products; Blueberry Farm; $9500; startup; demo; truss material; Universal Building Systems; town report compilation; emailing file to printer;