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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 2/1/14. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 9:00 am

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00:01 Dave Guttadauro; public comment; Click Here to view the related meeting video ; catastrophic financial crisis; disproportionally taxing some properties relative to others; abatement; NH land tax board of appeals; lawsuits; “the lake people”; Lake Association;

05:00 Avatar; inequality in our tax base; Bill Nelson; response letter; donating a cost of a window; Lake Association; Avatar is our paid assessor; possible litigation; Lake people and non lake people; lack of communication; Guttadauro recommendations; Holland case; adjust the 2014 tax rate;

10:00 2013 abatement; treated unfairly for the last 5 years; 2011; Selectmen Brian Robisheau; revaluation of Brookfield; comparable lake properties; Ed Nason; assessment value versus a tax rate; equalization rates; Geary Ciccarone; reassessments; Avatar assessments; establishing values;

15:00 Geary Ciccarone; reassessments; Avatar assessments; establishing values; David Newman letter; NH Constitution; reasonable but proportional; liability; possible lawsuit; disproportionate tax valuation of 110 and 120;

20:00 Assessing earlier; waiting for new assessment; letting people file abatements; abatement request to the tax board; Guttadauro reaching out to “lake people” ; Steven Hyde Attorney; letter; notice of claims for intentional disproportional assessing; 91a: requests; Complete and all correspondence between the town of Brookfield it’s employees agents and board members as well as Selectmen avatar associates of New England and all notes records and reports and other documents evidencing the process in calculation of tax assessment beginning in 2010 and for each year thereafter as well as all other documents generated by the town reacting addressing to matters set forth in the letter from avatar associates of New England read at the January 24, 2014 board of Selectmen meeting indicating that the current and historical assessments are unsupported and non supportable by Avatar efforts and evaluations. If you have not already notified town council regarding this matter please do so immediately, attorney Steven Hyde; Holland rejected offer of abatement amount;

25:00 Brian Robisheau; here to serve you, the citizens of Brookfield; reaching out; Selectmen tour the Churchill School House project; Click here to view Churchill Project Tour Geary Ciccarone; Churchill School House; superior insulation quote; foaming end wall; framing; wainscoting; Ed Nason- “a fan of spray foam” ;

30:00 Motion to pull wains coating build the new walls insulated with foam or fiberglass; Marilou Maclean- wainscoting; back wall cabinets; Mr. Tolls visit;

35:00 Harriet Wilson; Rebuilding versus a preservation project; Ed Nason; Demolishing from the floor up;

40:00 Insulation; walls; Beams; new walls; window replacement; tilt and wash; framing of window opening; motion to pull wains coating build the new walls insulated with foam or fiberglass; voted unanimously to proceed; old Town House safe;

45:00 Moving Town House safe; no historic value; HVAC installation; exhaust venting; Budget Review email received from Attorney Bennet; sale of two pieces of property; Town Cemetary; Communications with Avatar; December 31, 2013 draft budget; Gene Sames; reserves; impacts on tax rates;

50:00 School Budget amount; budget line 4199; other general government; fairpoint; forwarded email from Gene Sames; audit; expenses 4120; deputy clerk;

55:00 Dues and workshop 4140; salaries 4141; elections 4142; 4 elections; treasure; tax collections; new bank update; Meredith Savings Bank; Profile Bank; assessor clerk 4152; 4154; auditing; 4153;

1:00:00 Reevaluation of properties; planning board and zoning; legal expenses; ZBA; General government buildings; repair fund; trust fund amounts; $36,515; Warrant Article recommended amounts; computer replacement; minimum of 5- $10,000; expendable trust fund; insurance trust fund;

1:05:00 Discussion of general government building trust fund; setting up trust funds; Guttaduaro- capital improvement plan; new cemetery;

1:10:00 Roof replacement; painting; amount in cemetery trust fund; taking on debt; bonds; loans; predictability; discussion of trust versus bonding; fixed capital expenses;

1:15:00 Managing by event versus planning; known capital expenses; bonding process;

1:20:00 Repair costs for the Town House; starting fund for Town House; school district costs; Wakefield fire equipment; painting estimates;

1:25:00 Town House plastering; stenciling; building and grounds 4194-210; rotting maintenance building; Town Cemetery 4195;

1:30:00 Raising fund amount within line 4195; surveying; state RSA regarding cemetery space in town; Regional Associations; contingency line 4199.500; FairPoint Communications; scholastic recognition fund; public safety;

1:35:00 Dry hydrants and truck maintenance; emergency management; AED; Radios; mapping; maintenance summer- roads; Brice Drive; Lyford Road;

1:40:00 Capital Improvement Plan- roads; road bridge trust amounts; Public hearing;

1:45:00 Discussion of road trust funds and projects; Brice Drive; Lyford; plowing; process of road replacement; Description of Brice Drive layout issue;

1:50:00 Town report annual report; Dec 31, 2012; capital outlay 4900;

1:55:00 Office equipment; Lyford road funding; summer maintenance highways 4312; brush cutting; tree limbing;

2:00:00 Snow and Ice removal; sanitation (Wakefield); Health agencies; Welfare; Tri County Cap; food pantry; parks and recreation; town parks; Library; patriotic purposes; Agriculture Commission 4589; Heritage Fund; Warrant Article for Heritage and Conservation;

2:05:00 Warrant Article totals; supervisor of the checklist raise 2012; Cemetery fund; office equipment; acquire and prepare cemetery trust fund; property reevaluation trust fund;

2:10:00 Guttadauro; discussion- bonding for roads and other projects; discussion- tax rates;

2:15:00 Discussion- tax rates; Warrant Articles; office equipment;

2:20:00 Income; current use changes; MS4 for additional income; budget public hearing 2/11/14; Selectmen discuss meeting for Tuesday January 4, 2014; Attorney non meeting;

2:25:00 Budget hearing; Attorney; Avatar hearing; Holland issue;