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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 2/11/14. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

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00:01 Review of Brookfield Town Budget;

10:00 Review of Brookfield Town Budget;

20:00 Review of Brookfield Town Budget;

30:00 Review of Brookfield Town Budget;

40:00 Review of Brookfield Town Budget;

50:00 Moose Mountain Recreation; Ashley Maimes; liquor commission; Selectmen’s letter regarding alcohol being served outside; application; wedding celebration; hours of operations;

1:00:00 Moose Mountain Recreation; approval letter from Selectmen; Attorney letter regarding permitting alcohol being served outdoors; TOWN TREASURER Marilou Maclean; account balances; handicap grant funding received/ Churchill School House; quarterly payroll reports filed; highway block grant funding received; Tax Collector, Dianna Peckham Town clerk milage reimbursement; Meredith Savings; wire transfer options; Profile Bank;

1:10:00 TOWN TREASURER Marilou Maclean MS5; bank deposit process; TD Bank; Heritage Commission meeting date change; CHURCHILL SCHOOL HOUSE PROJECT UPDATE; electrician; moving old safe; discussion- moving safe;

1:20:00 CHURCHILL SCHOOL HOUSE PROJECT UPDATE moving or relocating old safe; plumbing start date; discussion- moving safe; photo documentation of School House restoration; REVIEW OF PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES Motion to accept Jan. 23, 2014 meeting minutes; 1:30pm; 6:30pm; 2nd; unanimous; Motion to accept Jan. 28, 2014; 2nd; unanimous; indemnification; Motion to accept Feb. 2, 2014; 2nd; unanimous;

1:30:00 TAX COLLECTOR Rose Zacher outstanding tax reminder notices; ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Jessica Robisheau veteran exemptions; current use tax; map 6 lot 7; Mckillop property subdivision; monuments; Warrant for timber tax levy; indemnification selectmen signatures; PLANNING BOARD REPORT Geary Ciccarone; Middleton Golf Course project;

1:40:00 PLANNING BOARD REPORT Geary Ciccarone; Middleton Golf Course project; discussion- location of Golf Course resort project of regional impact; 157 acres; airstrip; Strafford Regional Planning Commission regional impact committee; WEBSITE REPORT Rose Zacher; ROAD AGENT Ed Nason; plowing; salt; sand; usage; opening culverts; TOWN REPORT STATUS Jessica Robisheau NEW BUSINESS Trustee of the trust funds key transfer; Dr. Marsh health officer;

1:50:00 NEW BUSINESS HVAC insurance certificate; election vacancies; Tom Hill scrap metal; welfare director guidelines; Motion to change welfare guideline; 2nd; unanimous; 91-a: response letter regarding abatements;

2:00:00 NEW BUSINESS Lake property abatement/ reevaluation issue; Holland property tax appeal case;

2:10:00 NEW BUSINESS reassessment/ reevaluations; Lakes Association meeting; Discussion- old safe;