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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 2/25/14. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

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00:23 Correspondence/ Mail; received bridge inspection report forwarded to Ed Nason, Road Agent; Brian Robisheau; Bill Nelson; Richard Zacher; Virtual Town Hall advertising new available modules (town website functionality); Thank you letter from the McGinley family for contributions in honor of the recent passing of Mac McGinley; Public Service NH (Northeast Utilities) tax payment of $13,681- 2013; Public Service NH (Northeast Utilities) letter regarding a request for abatement; AVATAR; Health Trust letter and posters, offer of scholarship fund applications;;

06:25 Review of previous meeting minutes; 2/11/14; 2/15/14; Motion to accept; 2nd; unanimous; Brian Robisheau; Bill Nelson; Richard Zacher;

07:47 Treasurers Report, Marilou Maclean: account totals; GWSD Brookfield tax payment; cross talk regarding snow totals; pot holes; snow removal; road rolling; Ed Nason;

12:36 Letter from primex regarding an offer to provide a quote for a property and liability; Marilou Maclean; New Hampshire Municipal Authority, (NHMA); workers compensation audit; 1099 W2’s;

14:10 Assessor Clerk, Jessica Robisheau; received email from Laura Spector, Town Legal Council, discontinued legal action initiated by Kingswood Lake property owners; Brookfield Resident, Holland abatement agreement letter from AVATAR; Selectmen signatures; taxpayer signature; tax abatement payments in 3 checks, $1,700, $700, $700, including interest; Snow removal costs- $10,000, 2 week period; Snow road maintenance totals;

19:42 Planning Board, Ed Comeau reports on a public hearing scheduled at the Middleton Town planning board regarding the Therriault’s Golf Resort project; Middleton Town offices, Thursday, 27, 6:30pm

20:22 Road Agent, Ed Nason; offers plow rides; tree trimming; tagging trees;

21:20 Heritage Commission, Marilou Maclean; scheduled meeting Wednesday 2/26/14 6:30pm;

21:45 Cemetary Trustee meeting report; Bill Nelson; Town cemetery sites; attorney involvement;

23:23 Old Business; posting of Warrants; Bill Nelson; Brian Robisheau; Richard Zacher; preparing for election; Selectmen meeting- Warrant reading assignments; Monday March 10, 6:30pm; Electrical connections from the distribution panel for the Churchill School house HVAC system; Bob Sonricker, Electrician; Town legal council involvement in the Re- evaluation;

32:23 Moving the old safe located in the Old Townhouse, appreciative statements from Selectmen to Dave Guttadauro for moving the safe; safe door removal; Town Candidates Coffee scheduled for Saturday, March 1st 9:00am;