Government Oversite

AGENDA ITEMS: Minutes: 09/14/2021; Activity reports: Treasurer; Heritage Commission; Road Agent; Cemetery Trustee; Planning-Zoning Boards; Town House interior paint; Porter Office Machine contract; Announcements: Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market; Bookcase; Broadband Communication District formation; Non public session: RSA 91-A:3 II (b); Announcement: Employee hiring; Correspondence: 10 year transportation plan public hearing; Bills read into record; New Durham Town line perambulation;

MOTIONS: Approve minutes: 09/14/2021; Funds transfer; Authorize purchase of bookcase; Enter Non public session: RSA 91-A:3 II (b); Authorize payment of bills;

PHOTO: LR: Treasurer: Marilou Maclean; Selectmen Richard Zacher; Brian Robisheau; Rick Surette; Admin Assistant: Cassandra Rodil;