Government Oversite

AGENDA ITEM: Public minutes: 09/28/2021; Commission activity report: Heritage; Old Town House interior renovations; Board Activity report: Cemetery Trustee; Town Archivist; Planning; Zoning Board; ZBA Appointment; Broadband Communication District formation; Dept/Board/Committee budget submittals; Town report printing; NH Fish and Game access road maintenance; Greater Wakefield Resource Center Funding request; National Voting Legislation; Firefighter Emergency key box; Death announcement; Cell Tower public hearing notification; Stoneham Road driveway permit application; Intent to cut wood or timber;

MOTIONS: Approve public minutes: 09/28/2021; Accept curio cabinet donation; ZBA Appointment; Bills read into record;

PHOTO: LR: Deputy Treasurer: Joanne Dolbier (needs edit); Selectmen: Richard Zacher; Brian Robisheau; Rick Surette; Administrative Assistant: Cassandra Rodil; Pay bills read into record;