Government Oversite

AGENDA ITEMS: (Quick glance)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Preliminary tax rate setting;

BUDGET REVIEW: 2021 Town proposed budget review;

ACTIVITY REPORTS: Treasurer; Cemetery Trustee; Planning Board; Zoning Board of Adjustment; Road Agent; Archivists; Heritage Commission; Selectmen;

PUBLIC/MEDIA INQUIRY: Moose Mountain Road striping; Scenic road designation map;

MOTIONS: (Quick glance)

APPROVE: Public minutes: 10/26/2021; Contract: Town Book restoration; Supplemental Intent to cut application; Bills read into record; Preliminary tax rate warrant;

ACCEPT: Donation: $600.00;

AUTHORIZE: DRA Portal access;

PHOTO: LR: Road Agent: Ed Nason; Treasurer: Marilou Maclean; Selectmen: Richard Zacher; Brian Robisheau;