Government Oversite

AGENDA ITEMS: Friends of White Pond water quality; Manifest totals; Water Sewer Warrant; Public minutes: 08/09/2021; Planning Board Notice of decisions; Pistol revolver sellers license; Board reappointments; Fairpoint settlement agreement; Snow mobile trail maintenance support letters; Broadband access complaint letter; Whittier Covered Bridge placement;

MOTIONS: Investigate alleged White Pond environmental concerns; Accept: Payroll; Accounts payable; Approve water-sewer warrant; Approve minutes: 08/09/2021; Approve pistol revolver sellers license; Approve- Denied appointments; Agree to pay fairpoint: $31,979.00; Authorize TA to execute contract: CPM Constructors;

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Vaccine mandates; Covid-19; CDC guidelines; Government coercion; Religious exemption; NH HB220;

PHOTO: LR: Dallas Emery; Frank Burke; White Pond property owners; David Bertran;