Government Oversite

PHOTO: LR: DPW Director: Tony (TJ) Eldridge reports;


01:03:41 AGENDA DETAIL: Adjournment: Main meeting;

01:16:13 AGENDA DETAIL: Adjournment: Public hearing;

00:09:13 AGENDA DETAIL: Appointment:

00:09:13 MOTION DETAILS: APPOINT: Deputy Health Officer: Mike Beaulieu;

01:03:51 AGENDA DETAIL: Conduct public hearing:

01:03:51 *MOTION DETAILS:** APPROVE: Open public hearing: Transfer Station fee schedule; Tires;

00:00:01 AGENDA DETAIL: Meeting identifier:

00:07:06 AGENDA DETAIL: Non public sessions:

00:07:06 MOTION DETAILS: (ENTER INTO) Non public session #1: 06/06/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c

MOTION DETAILS: (EXIT) Non public session #1: 06/06/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c) STATUS: S

00:07:06 MOTION DETAILS: (ENTER INTO) Non public session #2: 06/06/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c)

MOTON DETAILS: (EXIT) Non public session #2: 05/16/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c) STATUS: S

00:10:10 AGENDA DETAIL: Policy adoption: Drug/Alcohol

00:10:10 MOTION DETAILS: ADOPT: Town of Ossipee Alcohol drug controlled substance policy; Effective 30 days post BOS Adoption;

00:57:48 AGENDA DETAIL: Policy adoption: Exempt property tax

00:13:24 AGENDA DETAIL: Policy administration:

00:13:24 MOTION DETAILS: APPOINT: Tony (TJ) Eldridge; Matthew Sawyer Town management liaison; Drug policy administration;

00:08:32 AGENDA DETAIL: Property deeding:

00:08:32 MOTION DETAILS: ACCEPT: Selectmen’s Deed; 46 Stoneview;

00:50:17 AGENDA DETAIL: Public minute review:

00:50:17 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Public minutes:

00:17:33 AGENDA DETAIL: Recess/Reconvene:

00:54:52 AGENDA DETAIL: Warrant: Water/sewer:

00:54:52 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Warrant: Water/sewer:

00:56:58 AGENDA DETAIL: Warrant: Tax Collector:

00:56:58 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Tax warrants: Ossipee Masonic Lodge; 2019: $4,842.49; 2020: $4,251.74; 2021: $4,307.16

00:50:32 AGENDA DETAIL: Warrant: Yield tax levy:

00:50:32 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Warrant: Yield tax levy:

00:55:07 AGENDA DETAIL: Incoming correspondence:


00:51:06 AGENDA DETAIL: Assessing:

00:51:06 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Clerical abatements:

00:49:34 AGENDA DETAIL: Finance:

00:49:34 REPORT DETAIL: 05/06/2022 Manifest report;

00:42:35 AGENDA DETAIL: Government buildings:

00:42:46 AGENDA DETAIL: Highways:

00:46:14 AGENDA DETAIL: Police::

00:14:17 *AGENDA DETAIL:** Selectmen’s Office:

00:47:23 *AGENDA DETAIL:** Selectmen’s Office:

00:00:52 AGENDA DETAIL: Recreation:

00:39:14 AGENDA DETAIL: Recreation:

00:36:48 AGENDA DETAIL: Tax Collector:

00:38:14 AGENDA DETAIL: Town Clerk:

00:41:49 AGENDA DETAIL: Transfer Station:


01:05:18 AGENDA DETAIL: Public:

01:05:18 MOTION DETAILS: ADOPT: Tire recycling fee schedule; 06/06/2022; Up to 40”: $5.00; 40” Over: $20.00;


00:18:18 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Rep. Cordelli

00:20:41 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Hon. David L. Babson

00:22:34 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Dallas Emery

00:22:46 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Robert Bowie

00:27:39 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Cohen

00:36:45 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Joseph Culligan;

00:58:28 AGENDA DETAIL: Member/Public: Smith-Joe Eldridge: Mill Hill Road;

00:36:45 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Dallas Emery: Hazard Mitigation Plan;

01:00:53 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Chris Elliot: Rail Trail;

01:02:21 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: Cohen: (BTLA) Order; Masonic Lodge;