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PHOTO: LR: Selectmen: Martha Eldridge; Sue Simpson; Hon. Jonathan Smith;

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AGENDA ITEMS: (Quick glance)


00:25:37 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (United States District Court filing; Indictments; Subpoenas)

00:31:51 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Ossipee election process; Unfounded allegations)

00:34:08 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (22 Month election material hold)

00:34:35 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Indictment source)

00:35:25 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Ossipee Central Fire Commission)

00:45:47 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Knox Mountain Land Owners Association)

01:28:16 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Ballot hand count provision)

01:30:28 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (Write in candidate; Congress; Dallas Emery v. Pappas)

01:31:31 AGENDA DETAIL: Public: (2020 voter turnout/Data)


00:00:01 AGENDA DETAIL: Meeting identifier:

00:00:03 AGENDA DETAIL: Non public sessions:

00:00:03 MOTION DETAILS: (ENTER INTO) Non public session #1: 09/12/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c)

MOTION DETAILS: (EXIT) Non public session #1: 09/12/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c) STATUS: S

00:00:03 MOTION DETAILS: (ENTER INTO) Non public session #2: 09/12/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c)

MOTON DETAILS: (EXIT) Non public session #2: 09/12/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c) STATUS: S

00:23:16 AGENDA DETAIL: Warrant: Water/sewer:

00:23:16 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Warrants: Water/sewer: 20-112 (7); 22-113; 22-111;

00:24:24 AGENDA DETAIL: Public minute review:

00:24:24 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Public minutes: (08/22/2022)

00:25:00 AGENDA DETAIL: Recess/Reconvene: (2nd Floor/Bub Avery Gym)

00:50:25 AGENDA DETAIL: Property sale: (Received bids)

00:50:25 MOTION DETAILS: ACCEPT: 67 Ossipee Mountain Road: $25,000.00; 48 Stoneview Road: $7,777.77; 177 Route 16b: $51,500.00;

01:25:01 AGENDA DETAIL: Notices: Intent to cut wood or timber:

01:25:01 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Notices: Intent to cut wood or timber:

01:25:45 AGENDA DETAIL: Clerical abatement:

01:25:45 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Clerical property tax abatement:

01:26:21 AGENDA DETAIL: Warrant:

01:26:21 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Warrant: Timber yield tax levies:

01:33:23 AGENDA DETAIL: Adjournment:


01:26:50 AGENDA DETAIL: Planning: (Activity report)


00:00:52 AGENDA DETAIL: Finance: (Budget lines)

00:06:00 AGENDA DETAIL: Sewer: (Septage)

00:06:00 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Accepting residential septage; Camp David; Town of Tamworth; Town of Freedom; Town of Effingham; Trial basis;

00:11:57 AGENDA DETAIL: Assessing:

00:11:57 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: (3) Petitioned utility pole licenses; Dunkin Lake Road; #45-08-44;

00:13:11 AGENDA DETAIL: Assessing:

00:13:11 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: NHDOT Drainage easement; Slop easement; Construction easement;

00:14:30 AGENDA DETAIL: Moderator:

00:14:30 *MOTION DETAILS:** APPROVE: Election Day continuity of operation protocol;

00:19:08 AGENDA DETAIL: Assessing:

00:19:08 *MOTION DETAILS:** ADOPT: Institutional property tax exemption protocols; Memo/letter/policy;

01:01:58 AGENDA DETAIL: Police:: (Activity report)

01:11:06 AGENDA DETAIL: Water/Sewer: (Activity report)

01:13:15 AGENDA DETAIL: Highways: (Activity report)

01:15:03 AGENDA DETAIL: Transfer Station: (Activity report)

01:15:56 AGENDA DETAIL: Government buildings: (Activity report)

01:18:04 AGENDA DETAIL: Town Clerk: (Activity report)

01:18:50 AGENDA DETAIL: Tax Collector: (Activity report)

01:19:27 AGENDA DETAIL: Recreation: (Activity report)

01:21:06 AGENDA DETAIL: Selectmen’s Office: (Activity report)

01:24:31 AGENDA DETAIL: Finance: (Manifest report)