Government Oversite

ADMINISTRATIVE: Board reorganization after election; Indemnification; Road agent report; Road striping applications; Tennis Court public access; Recreation programs: Cal Ripken; Public access: Recreation fields; Board liaison assignments; Retail dealership license; Intent to cut wood;

FINANCIAL: Crack-chip road sealing contract; Bank balance; Accounts payable; School payment: $250,000.00; Tax abatement; PILOTaxes: Stored Solar: $50,000.00; To warrant over to the tax collector: $4,484,676.00; Haas;

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ground water protection ordinance; Veterans: Flag raising ceremony; C.I.P list; Recreation director position interview process; Local Emergency Operation Plan meetings; Public access: Face mask use; Deputy Health officer appointment;

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Tennis Court public access; July 4, 2021 event committee;

PHOTO: Kent Hemingway; Selectmen: Kelly Goodson;