Government Oversite

AGENDA ITEMS: Unanticipated revenue public hearings: American Rescue Plan Act; Ford F350; Road sander; Primex; Job Descriptions: Police Sergeant; Police Patrolman; Investment policy; Department reports: Administrator; Budget process; Public- Non public minute review; Manifests: Accounts payable; Payroll; review; Non public sessions: RSA 91-A:3 II (c) (c); Tax abatement; Intent to cut wood or timber application; Emergency performance grant funds letter; Timber yield tax levy; Cease and desist notification; Selectmen activity reports; Recreation field snack shack; Water-Septic design process;

MOTIONS: Accept: ARPA: $161,026.02; Ford F350: $5,000.00; Sander: $4,000.00; Primex: Windshield: $575.86; Adopt: Job Descriptions; Adopt: Investment policy; Approve: MS434; Public- Non public minute approvals; Enter into: Non public sessions: RSA 91-A:3 II (c) (c); Manifest approvals; Approve: Tax abatement; Approve intent to cut application; Send Emergency performance grant funds letter; Levy timber yield tax; Send cease and desist: 164 Chinook Trail; Snack Shack removal; Begin water-septic design process;

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Welfare Director position; Un-lawful currency;

PHOTO: LR: Selectmen: Becky Mason; Aaron Ricker; Melanie Streeter; Emery Roberts;