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PUBLIC HEARINGS: Revised Transfer Station fee schedule; Revised welfare benefit document;

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Support: Transfer Station dumping fee schedule; Town of Ossipee recycling cost analysis versus TSIC Powerpoint projection data;

BOARD/DEPARTMENT/COMMITTEE REPORTS: Transfer Station; Recreation Department; TSIC Powerpoint presentation; Administrator; Selectmen;

BUDGET REVIEW: Transfer Station; Recreation Department;

MANIFEST: Accounts payable; Payroll; Cash used to date; School payment;

MOTIONS: (Quick glance)

ENTER INTO: Non public session: RSA 91-A:3 II (a) (c) (c) (e);

ADOPT: Revised Transfer Station dumping fees: Effective: 01/2022; Revised welfare benefit document; Effective: 01/2022;

APPROVE: Public minutes: 11/24/2021; Non public minutes: 11/24/2021;

ACCEPT: Manifests;

APPOINT: Kristine Rines: Library Trustee;

PHOTO: LR: Selectmen: Emery Roberts; Becky Mason; William Farnum; Selectmen: Kelly Goodson; Aaron Ricker;