Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation Subcommittee for the Mountain View Community Nursing Home. The Delegation Members; Chris Ahlgren, Harry Merrow, Mark McConkey, Bill Nelson and the County Commissioners; David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney meet to discuss the use of the old nursing home building and MVC operations.

00:03 Reviewing first quarter expense reports; reducing the deficit; BEAS line County 62% State 38%;

15:27 Plant operations; maintenance contracted Labor- lighting installation; cold storage; workman's comp; discussion- enterprise fund;

20:47 Accounting for care of grounds; snow; rubbish; wood pellet cost; cafe meals accounting; labor cost; food prep;

29:39 How much is the Cafe making, how should the amount projected?; using resident labor to run Cafe?; using County Correction residents to help with Cafe?; school health occupations labor or student labor?;

39:57 The delegation tours the old nursing home annex.

1:02:51 Delegation Subcommittee resumes meeting; discussion ensues about what to do with the old nursing home; UNH rented space; building configurations;

2:04:14 Motion and vote on recommendation to full delegation.