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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Manifest totals;

BUDGET REVIEW: Cybertron: I.T.; Sheriff’s Office; Finance Office; County Convention: (Delegation);

ACTIVITY REPORTS: Hales Location Administration; County Treasurer; Finance Office;

PUBLIC/MEDIA INQUIRY: Daymond Steer: Conway Daily Sun: ARPA Project list; Vaccine mandates/Exemptions; Vaccine mandate lawsuit; Nursing Home Staffing;

MOTIONS: (Quick glance)

ENTER NON PUBLIC: RSA 91-A:3 II (a) (c);

APPROVE: Public minutes: 11/05/2021; Sheriff/Dispatch Collective Bargaining Agreement; Line item transfers: 2021-008; 2021-009;

AUTHORIZE: CFO: Purchase of new financial software; Registrar of deeds legal contract review;

PHOTO: LR: CFO: Bonnie Batchelder; Commissioners: Matthew Plache; Terry McCarthy;